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Posted by admin on March 4, 2021
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The International Organization for Economic Development (OIDE) is an intergovernmental Organization recognized by the UN, which United Nations given and recognized and approved 134 missions for OIDE-IOED, including the fight against poverty.

Hosting investment funds, the OIDE-IOED was created with the effective participation of the States by the signature of “Agreements of Headquarters”, concluded with several Governments which are legally binding, in order to multiply the obstacles and the protection around the funds, necessary to accomplish its missions, by reassuring the investors and the lenders, which justifies its vocation of Organization in charge to protect the investment funds and to realize the missions and fixed objectives whose 3 main missions are the following:
– development financing
– research of economic development
– international cooperation, under the chairmanship of HE Mr. KOFFI Louis Laoure (LKL), nicknamed “The Tiger of Africa” (a person who saves the poor).

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